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World-class entertainers, sideshow marvels, circus wonders, and so much more. Stage Shows, Theatrical Productions, Circus Rings, Festivals, Corporate Events, Universities, and Private Events.

The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus provides the best in variety entertainment: jugglers, clowns, sideshow marvels, magicians, stilt walkers, and entertainers of every sort! Our performances are customized to suit the occasion, from an all-ages family event to a sophisticated, adult-themed show!

For theatrical, festival, and university bookings contact:

Jennifer Morris

For all other types of bookings including corporate and private events, camps, workshops, and general inquiries contact

Stage Productions
• Bindlestiff Family Cirkus
• A Cardboard & Duct Tape Spectacular
• Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret
• High Heels & Red Noses

Family Entertainment and smaller stage shows
• Buckaroo Bindlestiff’s Wild West Jamboree
• Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Trio
• Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Dynamic Duo
• The Cowboy Keith Show
• Mr. Pennygaff’s One-man Cirkus Sideshow Spectacular

Outdoor Shows

Solo Performers
Keith Nelson
Stephanie Monseu
• Wide selection of other solo artists available

Strolling and Themed Entertainment

Workshops and immersive experiences

We offer amazing spectacles, adapted for the venue and the audience.

Over the past quarter century Bindlestiff Family Cirkus has produced off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway productions, toured nationally, created site specific shows, played the Catskills… Bindlestiff has performed on Cruise ships, in theme parks, at festivals, in tents, and just about anywhere you can imagine. The shows listed here are a sampling of what the creative minds of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus have to offer.

A Cardboard & Duct Tape Spectacular

Bindlestiff’s newest theatrical production features a cast of acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, sideshow marvels, and vaudevillians as they pare the Cirkus down to its most basic elements- discovery, risk, and joy. Always ready to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, the Bindlestiff cast demonstrates that the lure of the Cirkus is rooted in their own childhood experiences of fun. Imagination can make a simple box more intriguing than the fanciest toy it might contain. In that same spirit, follow the Bindlestiffs and discover that some cardboard, duct tape, and creativity is all that’s needed to find delight.

A 90+ minute stage production.

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Cabaret

The Cirkus Cabaret is a thrilling spectacle offering a twist on the classic variety-show. Offer This show features juggling, physical comedy, classic Coney Island-style sideshow stunts like sword swallowing and fire eating, audience participation, live original music, acrobatics, and (upon site inspection to determine feasibility) amazing aerial performances on trapeze, “silks”, or rope. A cast of world class artists will inspire with their mastery of multiple skills.

Available as a 45 to 90-minute cirkus variety show.

Can be offered as family programing or for as a more sophisticated theatrical experience.

High Heels & Red Noses

A Vaudevillianous Variety Spectacle. Baggy-pants comedy meets Cirkus splendor in High Heels & Red Noses! With enough side-splitting slapstick, glorious glamour, burlesque humor, ensemble hijinks, and sheer heart-stopping thrills to satisfy the most discerning audience.

This 90-minute theater show delivers amazement and laughter.

For mature audiences.

Buckaroo Bindlestiff’s Wild West Jamboree

Buckaroo Bindlestiff’s Wild West Jamboree is an action packed Wild West extravaganza, featuring classic frontier skills such as fancy lasso tricks, target bullwhip cracking, and a comedy knife-throwing act. The show also includes a “pony” race for youthful audience volunteers, juggling, and more. Take a comedic look at America’s Old West and get your Yee Haw on! Recommended for ages 5 to 12. Available as a 30-60-minute indoor or outdoor show complete with Covered Wagon set; also available with 2 piece Old-Timey Band. Great family programing!

Bindlestiff Family Cirkus Dynamic Duo

A look at the great traditions of American entertainment featuring real live sideshow feats such as the bed of nails, broken glass dancing and sword swallowing. Audiences will learn how these feats developed into the fairground amusements that our grandparents knew and loved.

(Available as a school show, with reading list and a question and answer period). Great for middle school audiences and up!

Mr. Pennygaff’s One-man Cirkus

Mr. Pennygaff (aka Keith Bindlestiff/Keith Nelson), co-founder of the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus takes you on an entertaining “tour” of the American midway, from the Sideshow to the Big Top. Keith presents jaw-dropping sideshow feats and a showcase of amazing stunts and circus skill including spinning tops, spinning plates, spinning ropes, and whirling machetes. Keith will swallow swords and show you why they call him the human block head.