Bindlestiff’s Flatbed Follies

Flatbed Follies

a grand spectacle

staged on parade floats

The Cirkus Parade that transforms into a show
Bindlestiff’s Flatbed Follies is a brand new, innovative circus parade for 2021.  Each Bindlestiff Flatbed temporarily halts in front of a stationary audience to present Bindlestiff’s unique brand of contemporary circus entertainment. As a tribute to American circus history, a musical calliope wagon is followed by gorgeously decorated floats acting as rolling stages, offering a thrilling outdoor circus experience.
Artists on floats are elevated, which allows for an audience sitting further away to see all of the action.  Each rolling stage is a contained environment, with unique music and artists, and features 10 to 15 minutes of world-class circus talent. Between  floating stages, the show may include parade-style elements like pods of stilt walkers, pennyfarthing riders, physical comedians, and local talent such as marching bands, gymnastic groups, and step teams which acts as a catalyst for a community celebration. These smaller, ground-based pods are mobile and can move around and among assembled audiences in a way that is, while safely distanced, interactive, immediate, and offering of a personal connection to the show that makes live entertainment healing and energizing.


Staging, size of production, and inclusion of local talent and community participation can be modified to work in a variety of scenarios. Bindlestiff’s Flatbed Follies is versatile and can be modified to fit the needs of the host/local community. The number of stages and artists can be scaled up or down to suit the environment (anywhere from 1-12 rolling stages, with performances ranging from 40 minutes to 90 minutes). When suitable, the acts can be removed from the mobile stages and placed in a setting where the audience moves, for a walk through circus experience.


How can we work together? Bindlestiff’s Flatbed Follies requires that the local presenter will manage permitting and sanitary accommodation for the gathering of audience members in the open or in parked cars. Then, the Flatbed Follies can roll! The circus “route” can be around a park, fairgrounds,  or town square; along densely-built residential streets in urban settings; in a large parking lot, or Flatbed Follies can visit several locations within a municipality.