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Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show



Bindlestiff Family Cirkus invites you to raise the profile of your venue or brand, or publicly express your appreciation for friends, family and loved ones — all while supporting Bindlestiff’s mission to bring joy and wonder into the world!


Through Bindlestiff’s weekly Open Stage Variety Show, streamed live on Facebook, YouTube and Zoom, you can reach thousands of viewers with your message, support performing artists, and help sustain a beloved circus and variety arts organization during trying times.


In January, Bindlestiff Open Stage Variety Show returns to the screen with Season 3 of its weekly live online variety show


Season 1 (April–July) included:
  • 17 shows in 17 weeks
  • More than 200 artists
  • Live performances streaming from 25 states and 6 countries
  • 5,260 livestream viewers in real time
  • 72,580 additional viewers of the replay
Season 2 (September-December) included:
  • 16 shows in 16 weeks
  • More than 150 artists, plus 15 non human performers (rats, cats, doves, dogs, horses and a fish)
  • Live performance streaming from more than 25 states and 10 nations
  • 2888 livestream viewers in real time
  • 35780 additional viewers of the replay
Upcoming show details available: Open Stage Quarantine


For Season 3, venues, companies, brands, and individuals can join the stage show for opportunities in each show to:
• host the show on your own virtual stage to delight your followers
• be recognized as a taste-maker and sponsor during the show
• gain the attention of thousands of new audience members/followers


There are several great ways to support your good name, your intentions, and a great show! Sponsorship possiblities avaiable for venues, companies and individuals. Read on for sponsorship options:


“Virtual Venue” Sponsorship package – for venues and businessses:
$2500 per week
• Bindlestiff’s tech team offers a seamless livestream integration by streaming the show directly from our remote production platform to your YouTube and/or Facebook Live channels in addition to Bindlestiff’s channels
• Viewers experience the show virtually “live” from the venue’s stage
• Venue sponsors are promoted on Bindlestiff’s social media channels in the week leading up to the show
• Images of the outside and inside of your venue appear in the show’s opening
• Multiple announcements during the show about your venue
• Venue event and season announcements during a video that plays as the virtual audience waits for the show to start
• Venue representative joins the show live during the “Community Bulletin Board” segment to promote venue programming or other items
• Venue may suggest local variety/circus artist(s) for inclusion in the show
* Receive 4 tickets to VIP Zoom room during the show


“Center Ring” Sponsor:
$1250 per week
• Sponsor gets a display screen before and after the show
• Sponsor’s support is announced consistently during the show: “This show is brought to you by….”
• By request, Bindlestiff’s tech team integrates the live stream of the show directly on the sponsor’s YouTube or Facebook Live pages, driving engagement
* Receive 4 tickets to VIP Zoom room during the show


“King Pole” Sponsor:
$500 per week
• Sponsor gets a display screen before and after the show
• Sponsor is thanked during the show
* Receive 2 tickets to VIP Zoom room during the show


“Ringside” Member:
$100 per week
• We thank you or your brand/organization by name, live during the show
• Your name appears in the final screen credits
* Recieve 1 ticket to VIP Zoom room during the show


“Midway” Screencard:
$50 per week
• We include your high-res image in the pre-show video montage
• 10-second display featuring your advertisement during the pre-show video


“Hey Rube” Shoutout:
$50 per week
• During the show, enthusiastic shout outs are heard all the way in living rooms, desktops, and even dumb smart phones…
• Express your appreciation publicly
• Great for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, employee appreciation, and just flat-out good will with an appreciative, loyal, highly engaged audience


Discounts available for non-profit and community organizations. Want to advertise every week? Ask about quantity prices.


Email for more information